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Release Notes and Roadmap

Released: June 28, 2016



  • The URI pattern for the Source-Asserted Subset endpoint has been simplified from ‘/content/current/subsets’ to ‘/subsets/current’.

  • Subset objects now have attributes embedded and include a link to the endpoint for members of the subset. See the sample output for an example.

  • SourceConceptSubsetMember objects, which are the output of subset members calls, now have attributes embedded, and the subset member attributes endpoint has been removed. See the sample output for an example.

  • SourceAtomCluster objects and Atom objects now have subset and content view membership information embedded.

Known issues:

See our github sample code area for a list of known issues with the API.

Planned Updates

The following new items are planned for upcoming versions of the API.

  • Add history mechanism so users can retrieve CUIs that are no longer in the latest UMLS release