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UMLS API Technical Documentation

The UMLS SOAP API is deprecated as of the 2020AA release. The SOAP API will be discontinued on December 31, 2020. SOAP API users are encouraged to switch to the REST API.


Use cases and methods

Note: Most of the sample code displayed in the SOAP API is in Java.

Section (Interface) Use Case
Installation using Maven Install the API
Set up instances of the UMLS SOAP API interfaces Install the API
Authentication (UtsWsSecurityController)
Request authentication tickets Request ticket granting tickets and single-use service tickets
PSF (Paging, sorting, and filtering)
Using the PSF object Page and Filter Results
Searching the UMLS (UtsWsFinderController)
Using the Finder Service Find CUIs, codes, source-asserted concepts/descriptors from human readable terms.
Retrieving UMLS Content (UtsWsContentController)
Concept Retrieve UMLS Concept Information
Atoms Retrieve UMLS Atoms
Definitions Retrieve UMLS Definitions
Atom Cluster Retrieve source-asserted concepts,descriptors, and codes
Content View Retrieve UMLS content views
Subset Retrieve UMLS subsets
Parents and Children Retrieve parents, children, and siblings based on source-asserted contextual relationships.
Relationships Retrieve UMLS relationships
Attributes Retrieve CUI and code attributes
Retrieving UMLS Metadata (UtsWsMetadataController)
UMLS Metadata Retrieve UMLS Metadata such as updated vocabluaries within a UMLS version